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Rejected Attack Classification

Discussion in 'Suggestions and feedback' started by Immortal, Jan 30, 2020.

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  1. Immortal


    So I've had this idea for a while now...it bugs me that in certain games, there is no difference between the damage dealt by a beeping huge hammer and a dagger (Not usually in magnitude, but in effect. But magnitude as well in some cases). Therefore, I propose a classification of different attacks and have each possess different effects.

    Blunt Strike - Deals less damage to larger targets, more damage to smaller ones. Deals heavy knockback and stuns the enemy for some time. It also often has a long charge period before an attack. Dealt by Hammers, Maces, Clubs, etc.

    Stab - Deals greater damage to larger targets, and less to small ones. Often causes bleeding as well. Quick charge-up time and fast attacks, but deals zero knockback. Dealt by Daggers, Knives, Kunai, etc.

    Slice - Deals even damage to all targets. Has a chance to hit multiple targets in an AOE, like in vanilla Minecraft. Dealt by Swords, Axes, etc.

    Lunge - Deals slightly greater damage to targets of player-size. Extended range, at the cost of slower attack speed. Has a high chance to inflict bleeding or cripple the opponent. Dealt by Spears, Polearms, etc.

    Each type of attack may have a death-dealing move (finishing move), wherein the would-be final blow to the opponent deals extra damage to finish them off, at the cost of a slightly longer attack cooldown.

    Apart from this, different armors would be good at defending against different strikes. For example, an armor made of heavy obsidian or the like would be excellent versus hammers, while a mithril coat would be excellent versus daggers. But these are just classes of physical attacks; magic ones would be a whole different story.
  2. KabbyDankGod

    KabbyDankGod Content team Content team Wiki Team Baron

    This is a pretty interesting topic regarding gameplay. In general, the system makes sense and shouldn't be that complicated to understand, though, I have one major problem. Why does it depend on what size the opponent is? It should rather be dependant on what type of armor the opponent has.

    Blunt Strike - Should be good against plate armor and mobs shells (insects, turtles) and less effective against chain, leather or cloth opponents.

    Stab - Should be good against chain, leather, and cloth and against mobs that have tough skin instead of plate armor or shells.

    Slice - Should be good against leather and cloth, but opponents with chain or plate take less damage or those with tough skin or shells.

    Lunge - Good against leather, chain, and cloth, but not against plate, shells or tough skin.

    When it comes to finishing moves, this should be a chance or special condition. Maybe after you finish an opponent you get a small buff for a few seconds?

    The material of the armor shouldn't matter that much, just the form of it. If you make a chain vest from Iron and a plate body from Iron, even if they're from the same material but the form is different, they should be affected differently by different attack classes. Sure certain materials could have a small buff against different armors, but the damage should depend on the form.
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  3. Immortal


    More excellent ideas! (Sorry for the late reply, had real-life stuff to attend to)

    As to why it should depend on the size of the enemy, there's a difference between smacking a rat with a hammer and smacking an elephant with one (Not that I've done either). Plus, certain weapons have historically been better when held at a certain position. Significant changes in size can drastically affect the angle of entry of a weapon.

    But having different armor types be good versus a certain damage type is an excellent idea as well. Perhaps enemies should also have their attacks classified so that players can equip the right kind of armor for a particular fight...

    You got what I meant about finishing moves! Must come from experience with wall-o'-texts.
  4. KabbyDankGod

    KabbyDankGod Content team Content team Wiki Team Baron

    I think for gameplay purposes making it depend on the armor of the opponent instead of size will be more easily understood, as it depending on size relies on real-life math and physics. This would make it clearer to players. Instead of trying to figure out if they are considered larger than the player, they can simply look at what they are wearing to determine the best weapon to use. Though there prob should be another type of attack that deals better damage to plate.
  5. Sam

    Sam Baron

    This is an amazing suggestion that captures the raw essence of RPG games as a whole. I think it'd be more important to pre-plan before challenging a boss of any tier. Such as choosing specific weapons that deal higher damage, different pendents that give higher attack modifiers in that specific field, and armor that is specifically resistant to that boss's attacks. There is so much you can do with Attack Classifications, and I think this would bring more depth to the game rather than dominating the game with just a massive axe. Obviously you'd have your team members behind you to help with bossing, but it'd be nice to just have the little things.
  6. Dsawemd


    Nice complex idea but current implementation has a lot of "hidden" information that the player will have to keep straight.

    Depending on how static armor classes are, it could be too much information.

    If I am able to tell what kit/class/playstyle a player or mob has just by looking at their armor, this system could work. If there is ambiguity in armor each player can wear, then armor type shouldn't play as crucial a role in determining damage.

    It is much less hidden information to tie the differences in attacking directly to the weapon. If you see someone with a hammer, you know they have a chance to stun you. Doesn't matter what armor you're wearing.
  7. Aekalix

    Aekalix Frontend & Content Manager Manager

    While I do like the idea. I think it's not suitable for MC. Currently for Alpha we consider only one type of damage and defense. I might expand this to magic and physical damage/defense but that will be decided on later.

    Too many types of damage will harm the game more than it will do good because of unnecessary complications. Stab damage can already be reflected in weapon speed as it does now and because of that I do not see another reason to make PvP more complicated. We already have tons of abilities you have to keep track off. Therefore, this suggestion has been declined.

    Thank you!
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