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  1. TheJayZ

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    Welcome to the Dyescape Classroom
    What is the dyescape classroom? The dyescape classroom is a class held by high intellectuals of the Dyescape community in order to learn more about Dyescape's fronts and back ends!
    - - -
    What does it feature? :eek:
    The dyescape classroom features a full ride scholarship course through your favorite subjects such as "Dennis Biology", " and everyone's favorite "Delays history class". On occasion, we take quick kahoots and other fun educational games to get the best experience out of it.

    How do I join? o_O
    Easy! Follow the steps below on how to join:
    1) Go to https://classroom.google.com
    2) Log in with your selected Google Account
    3) Click the top right corner "+" symbol
    4) Click join a classroom
    5) Enter the code "lyr89ng"

    It should look like this once you're done:

    We hope to see you soon :)
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  2. NetherGoblin


    Why am i doing this to myself? Who cares! This will be the best school!
  3. kimseongjin


    I'll probably get better grades than I do in high school, so...
  4. TheJayZ

    TheJayZ Duke

    Update: Spring classes are now open, join to make up for dyescape coins you lost.
  5. MrDienns

    MrDienns Lead Developer & Technology Manager Manager Developer

    Can I buy a new sword for my knight with those coins? :D

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