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Suggestion Dynamic Dynmap

Discussion in 'Suggestions and feedback' started by Perotin, Jul 4, 2019.

  1. Perotin

    Perotin Moderator Moderator Duke

    Rather self-explanatory, but I'd picture something like what EarthMC has where it updates in real-time with player movements/terrain edits (or just terrain if phasing makes showing players an issue).

    This would benefit Dyescape because the map is an integral part of the server, and having a scaled version of the map, and not just a render, is a really cool way to show off the world.
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  2. KabbyDankGod

    KabbyDankGod Content team Content team Wiki Team Baron

    Simple good suggestion, though might clash with the in-game minimap a bit
  3. MrDienns

    MrDienns Lead Developer & Technology Manager Manager Developer

    Okay so, the suggestion of an online map is more than reasonable and is actually already being prepared. We have a map running on https://map.dyescape.com but it's restricted til alpha launch. It's made with a very similar tool to Dynmap. The reason why we're not using Dynmap is because (from what I know) it's not possible to completely split it up from the Minecraft server and use it as a 100% standalone web application, while being hosted on different machines than the MC servers. Reason why we want this to be a standalone tool is because otherwise the MC server (which we can have loads of!) would all be spinning up their own webservers, which puts more load on the machines. Dynmap from what I know cannot run as a 100% standalone tool on different machines. The tool that we have now is basically the same as the one Wynncraft uses, so you can use that as reference to what it can do. We're yet to configure any names on the map, but we've already rendered a map once and it's a pretty good tool to use.

    The only thing it just doesn't do (unless I can set that up somehow) is see where you are on the map. Though I believe there was some kind of way to achieve this. Do keep in mind that if we visualize all players on susch map, it will turn into a massive spaghetti with the amount of players being online. I'd rather suggest to either only show yourself or your party / guild members. As per map edits, that won't be needed most likely. Simple map edits are not possible due to the statelessness of the server. The only map edits you (or the server) can do are close around you, and mostly underground (in caves or dungeons), which wouldn't be visualised on a map either.

    Now that I think about it, I should migrate that map software to our new infrastructure, and I need to rerender the Alpha map anyway. Though I believe it still has a few (very few) building things which should be finished (like some pillars standing around, as mark points).

    So all in all, 1) an online map is there already (just needs to be finished), 2) I would have to investigate whether it's possible to show you (or party / guild members) on the map, and 3) using Dynmap doesn't seem to be an option due to our dynamic infrastructure and server load.
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  4. Gabber235


    After such a cryptic message, I am very interested and curious about what the tools name is :)
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  5. MrDienns

    MrDienns Lead Developer & Technology Manager Manager Developer

    Hehe, I had to look it up since I forgot. It's called Minecraft Overviewer. It very comparable to dynmap, just a standalone application where you pre-render a map.
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