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End Game Activities #1

Discussion in 'Suggestions and feedback' started by Aetheism, Dec 20, 2018.

  1. Aetheism

    Aetheism Noble

    The main concern I've seen so far is the implementation of PvP, specifically the impact on lower level players, and those who would generally be inconvenienced by a wholly competitive environment (within the main servers).

    In this series of posts, I will propose gameplay features to keep higher level players occupied and engaged, even after they've finished the majority of the questline and PvE features.

    Assuming the majority of players who reach endgame will be the competitive type, I believe having PvP events will provide an entertaining experience, as without means of competing with fairly leveled peers, I believe that the majority of endgame players will start playing less, or turn to griefing noobs out of boredom (I know I would).

    In addition to classic endgame activities, I propose Strongholds. Structures in the map that provide means of having impactful, dynamic, and massive battles. Utilizing the guild system, groups of players would be able to fight for these Strongholds. Every 33 hours (example number, chosen as it is able to cycle through ideal times due to differing time zones) A stronghold would be siegable. During this siege period, Guilds would attempt to gain control over a Stronghold by capturing one or more points, each in a strategically valuable position. Successful capturing of a Stronghold could be implemented in one of multiple ways. One of the options is simultaneous control of all points, meaning at the start of the siege, the defenders lose control, and therefore their advantage, creating a more free for all experience with all participating groups being pitted against each other for domination. The other option would be allowing for active defense via the previously controlling group, meaning the defending group would have to keep majority control over the capture points for ~1 hour (placeholder), meaning other groups have a limited amount of time to gain control, leading to more collaborative and strategic effort on both sides, an "us vs them" dynamic. If a Guild is able to secure control over a point, they gain stat boosts, a teleport option to the stronghold, and their Guild’s banner/flag being flown at the stronghold, along with a title card when players enter displaying the Stronghold’s name along with the owning Guild’s underneath it. Each stronghold would have different boosts, either related to the area of the stronghold or a specific theme of stats. There would be ~5 Strongholds in separate areas of the map, along with one larger Stronghold with better boosts that would come up for siege less often, but require more effort and time to capture. I’m looking for feedback, questions, and opinions, so please leave a comment.
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  2. MiNamaJif


    That's a neat idea, maybe the PvP event should be hosted once a week or once a month and whoever wins this event gets a price.

    From reading this, you basically want an automated koth (king of the hill) similar to those on hcf (hard-core factions) servers.

    For those who want a visual representation, this is what a koth looks like (watch the video). Basically you must stand on a small capture point for a designated amount of time, it could be 10 minutes or even an hour, without getting knocked off by other guild. If a player is knocked off of the capture zone then the time resets to 15 minutes.

    Also, whoever wins the koth should get in-game rewards, this will hopefully encourage players to actually participate in the koth since there is a reward for winning.
  3. Aekalix

    Aekalix Frontend & Content Manager Manager

    I definitely like this idea but this will be incorporated with Guilds. There are some things planned already and that is sadly all I can say!

    This, in my opinion, is pretty simple. It could be more advanced and considering we really want to focus on the community and multiplayer we could introduce multiple capture points. This would already make this more interesting and would stress good teamwork among guild members.
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