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Gameplay Suggestion

Discussion in 'Suggestions and feedback' started by Drachi, Oct 4, 2017.

  1. Drachi


    Hey again,

    I wanted to ask if there was a plan for an jobsystem to be included in the server and if yes, if you are still searching for suggestions.
    I have many ideas because I am a person dreaming many things ^-^'

    So I'm looking forward to see you replie, I don't want to spam you with my ideas if there is no need :3
  2. MrDienns

    MrDienns Lead Developer & Technology Manager Manager Developer

    We do have some plans laying around for making some kind of job/profession system, but we don't see this as high priority and it will thus not be available in the initial alpha release.

    We are yet to write a detailed wiki page containing the exact details with what you can expect from our alpha.
  3. Drachi


    Okay, thank you for responding ^^

    I will just write my sugesstions/ideas of a job system here, maybe it will help you in the future at some point, maybe it will just be here, getting dusty and not beeing used, maybe they aren't even able to be used because of the borders of programming ^^'

    • Builder/Architect: Can build up and break blocks that are marked as "buildable", all other Blocks can't be broken/built unless it's an abillity of a job (only breaking). Have to get the Blocks from other jobs.
    • Lumberjack: Can break down trees to get wood. Wood in higher leveled areas have higher stats (will be used later). Broken trees will regrow some days later. Can craft wood to "buildable" woods, planks, stairs, fences, doors, etc.
    • Caveman: Can break ores in caves, mineshafts to get materials (Stone, ores, gems) out of them. Material in higher leveled areas have higher stats. Broken ores will respawn some days later. Can craft stone to "buildable" stone, stonebricks, bricks, furnances, stairs, etc.
    • Farmer: Can break grass to get seeds. Seeds in higher leveled are rarer. Broken grass will respawn in some days. Can make farmland and plant seeds to get crops. Can break his crops after some time to get herbs and food plants. Can milk cows and breed animals. Will get a little amount of meat by killing an animal.
    • Smith (Maybe divided into Armorsmith, Weaponsmith and Toolsmith, all have the same abillitys but for there kind of work. Here described as Weaponsmith): Can smelt ores in a furnance for a "workable" ore. Can craft "workable" ore and materials into weapons. Other material will give other stats and effects on the weapon. Additionally the smith can skill his made weapons with an amount of skill points according to the material (rarer material will give more skillpoints). Can repair weapons with there corresponding materials.
    • Enchanter/Alchemist: Can brew potions out of herbs and materials. Other herbs/materials will give other effects. Can enchant weapons/armor/tools with up to 2 gems. Other gems will give other stats and effects. Additionally can skill enchants with some skillpoints according to the used gem.

    • Hunter: Gets additional and rarer materials (can be out of every material area) by killing mobs and animals (higher stats for higher levels). Gets a amount of meat by killing animals. Can use a leash on an animal to take it with him.

    • Cook: Can cook meals out of foodplants and ore meat. Other materials will give other stats, effects. Can combine up to five materials to get more effects on one dish. Meals will give special effekts to a player.
    Every Job can level up and become more skilled by doing his work. If the level is higher, they have a higher chance for rarer products and can use higher leveled tools/materials.

    I hope this will help you or give you some new ideas. As a originally sandbox-game I think there has to be some good made jobs in a Minecraft MMORPG and thats hat I came up with thinking about that ^-^
  4. MrDienns

    MrDienns Lead Developer & Technology Manager Manager Developer

    Some of these ideas are pretty equal to what we have in mind, but not all you mentioned are possible:
    • Builder/Architect: We're an MMORPG, which is not the same as just a roleplaying server. People won't be able to build anywhere in the server. We will have some kind of player/guild housing in the future, but other than that, breaking & placing blocks is a no-go. We will most likely do have some farming areas where players can go into caves and mine ores that would automaticly regenerate after a while.
    • Lumberjack: Same as builder, people can't break blocks. We'd have to make a fancy system for cutting down trees.
    • Farmer: Pretty much the same story as builder/lumberjack.
    All other jobs/professions below that should be possible pretty easily. The other 3 will require some work but it's definitely not out of our league.

    Thanks for the suggestions :)
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