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Guilds Suggestions

Discussion in 'Suggestions and feedback' started by Sam, Jun 29, 2018.

  1. Sam

    Sam Baron

    You should be able to communicate to your guild members by using "@" at the beginning of your message.

    I also think that whenever a message is sent in the guild chat that a notification of some-sort should play a sound. This sound can be toggled on/off using a command like, "/gsounds" to toggle on/off.

    Guild Town Halls

    Guild town halls would be a location, somewhat like a player owned house, that you could travel to using portals located inside the towns. Inside the town hall you can store items and loot depending on the level of the town. The higher the level of the town hall the more storage that is available for the members. However I also think that if a user is not at a town, they can purchase "Town Hall Scrolls", that when right clicked will teleport them to their Town Hall if they're not taking damage/moving for 5 seconds. Teleportation scrolls would be disabled in PvP worlds though, or they're wait from 5 seconds could be increased to 10-15 to make sure that they're not instantly getting away from a combat situation.

    Guild leveling could be based around the total exp gained from all the members that is contributed to a "total level" pool. As users collect exp and level-up the guild level grows. Every time the guild increases in level, when ALL users leave the guild hall, or a 15 minute notice is given that will kick all users from the guild hall so it could update. Upon updating you will notice more physical changes to the guild hall. Level 1 town hall being the smallest, you wouldn't have much to do there. Very little skills you can train there, along with storage not being as great. However once your guild level progresses you will notice changes inside town hall. More skills would be able to be trained inside your personal town hall, and more storage space would be available.

    For example,
    Town Hall Level 1 Skills:

    • Lumberjack
    • Firemaking
    • Storage Space: 128 Slots
    However, as you progress, you'd see...
    Town Hall Level 10 Skills:

    • Lumberjack
    • Firemaking
    • Cooking
    • Fletching
    • Fishing
    • Storage Space: 1,280 Slots
    Etc.. These skills are an example.

    Guild Teleportation
    Guild members should be able to use either an in-game gui, or something through the website that will give the coordinates of fellow guild members.
    Guild members should also be able to teleport to other guild members using a spell/scroll. However if the member they're trying to teleport to is in combat it will prevent teleportation. (Maybe a GUI would be used to select members) [Disabled in PvP Worlds]
    I also think that as the guild level increases, and the town hall gets bigger, that more portals are open to guild members for "Quick Traveling" to towns without having to teleport to them using scrolls, nor walking to them. Quick Travel would first start from the lowest level town, then as the town hall gets bigger, the higher level town portals are opened up for free use. Using these portals wouldn't cost any money, however there could be a cool down Incorporated with each user. (5 Minute Cool down from using the same portal again.)

    Guild Member Glow
    With the implantation of the Glowing affect, I think guild leaders should be given this glow effect. The color of this effect could be changed so maybe a gold/yellow color would look better.
    (e.g. below)


    This is just what's on my mind. I've been typing this for 2 hours now. Let me know how you think, I'll be adding more suggestions below.

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