Discussion in 'New members' started by Jerrybibo, Apr 6, 2019.

  1. Jerrybibo


    I am jerrybibo
    I do game design and software development for a living (so far)
    I make music in my free time

    Was ghosting the forums for a bit, and finally joined because this project seems really promising. It's at least come farther than any MMORPG games that I've tried to make on my own. pretty low metric but yeah

  2. MrDienns

    MrDienns Lead Developer & Technology Manager Manager Developer

    Welcome Jerry!

    Hope you'll like it here. If you have any questions regarding the project, feel free to ask. Hope to see you around in the Discord!
  3. Euvrounin

    Euvrounin Content team, Moderator Content team Moderator


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