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  1. DatzZoo


    Fellow Forumers,

    I am DatzZoo and I am 17 years of age from the United States. A little about me, I am very passionate about creative writing, lore, history, and the sciences. I have a dog named Sky (2) whom I love dearly! Finally, I wish to pursue some sort of career in Medicinal Chemistry.
    I very recently stumbled upon Dyescape, yet by reading quickly through the Wiki, Lore, et cetera, I have found myself simply amazed. A lot of hard work and delicate care has been invested in this project and I am excited to see it take off.

    Here's to the adventure,
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  2. MrDienns

    MrDienns Lead Developer & Technology Manager Manager Developer

    Welcome Datz! Hope you'll enjoy your stay till the server releases. If you haven't already, be sure to join the Discord!


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