Discussion in 'New members' started by DamianES, Dec 15, 2019.

  1. DamianES


    Hi, my name is Damián and i been following Dyescape developing from like a year ago but never created an account or joined the discord till now.
    I really like all the work dyescape team is doing and i wanted to be part of the community from now.
    I'm from Venezuela and my english is not that good but enough to understand the game/forums and everything i need.
  2. Escad_

    Escad_ Moderator Moderator Wiki Team

    Hi Damián! Welcome to the forums and Discord. Don't hesitate to ask if you ever need help understanding anything. Hope to see you in-game in the future :)
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  3. Euvrounin

    Euvrounin Content team, Moderator Content team Moderator



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