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    Dyescape wants to fix bugs as soon and as efficient as possible.
    For this, we need proper a report. Read the below to get started.
    Dyescape needs to confirm bugs. For this, we need enough information
    to reproduce them. Once all the required information is provided, we
    will try to reproduce the bug. If we can reproduce the bug, a confirmed
    label will be added. If we cannot reproduce it, a denied label is added.

    To submit a bug report, simply create a new thread in this forum section.
    Please check this forum section for any bugs that are already reported.
    Bug duplicates will automaticly be rejected if the original isn't closed yet.

    When submitting bugs, please use this form:


    In-game name:

    Short description:

    Long description:

    Date and time:

    Screenshots or videos (if any):

    Other useful information:

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