Instagram Giveaway!


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Hello, this is the thread to participate in the Instagram giveaway!

If you have not read our post on our discord server then shame on you! You can, however, still read it here:
"Dear people, I am a messenger from far far away! I sailed the Blue Graveyard and visited every island along my way to tell you that my beloved king has a something to announce.

I am delighted to announce that after recent fame has fallen upon us we will be giving out wealth. Thou who wins the contest will be given so much gold and silver that they will immediately gain the wealth status of a true nobleman!

But thou may ask where is the contest? What is it? And how can I participate? Well my eager citizens we should first off declare the importance of who can participate! Your king, is a generous king. He is loved by many and hated by none. Not just because he is handsome but because he is kind and someone who favours honour and justice above all. Hence he allows all players and workers to enrol in the contest!

Where is it? At your local forums supposedly hosted on the World Wide Web. What do you need to do? I mentioned before the glory and fame my King and his household recently received through the use of communal forums known as Instagram. But we have predicted an end to the continuous fame. The 25th of June at exactly 17:11 GMT+1 (5:11PM). The administrators of the King can sometimes be a tad lazy hence he is calling upon all I can find to help him work this problem out.

The problem? He needs an estimate of the likes how much likes he will receive on all of the races out there and he needs you for that!

Quickly put on your sandals or even run bare feet to the forums of Dyescape! Comment your estimate on the linked billboard post and the one that comes the closest will receive a reward.

Your time to shine has come! Go! Quickly!

Your beloved King"

You have not joined our Discord yet? Even more shame on you! Head over to our discord and join immediately! We post regular DevLogs there and sneak-peeks into our game. You even have direct contact with the Dyescape Team! Hope to see you there!

If you forgot already: post your estimate of the final like count of this Instagram post on this thread (as the ad ends 17:11 / 5:11PMGMT+1 25th of June) and hopefully win a lovely Noble rank!

- 1 post per person (your first one counts and no alt accounts.)
- You need to post it on this thread.
- Alt accounts are not allowed
- Everyone can participate*
- You don't have to follow / like our Instagram but it would be highly appreciated if you did!
- You can enter till 3 am (GMT+1) (25th of June 2019)
- The person that has the closest number wins!
- Winner gets picked exactly at 5:11 PM GMT+1 on 25th of June!

*If you win the giveaway and you already have a rank of Noble or above you can give it away to anyone. This needs to be done within 24 hours of winning the contest.
Thank you for participating!

And now, a thank you from us. We truly appreciate you all being here and supporting us throughout this journey. The development of Dyescape definitely has ups and downs but we’re trying our absolute best and we will be fighting through till the bitter end. Sometimes I cannot believe what an amazing community you all have become. We really hope that you can hold a little while longer till Alpha. We really appreciate everyone single one of you and motivating us all to work harder and harder. Cheers to some spectacular times ahead!

- The Dyescape Team

Dyescape will soonTM reach alpha stages. This stage is closed and you need to sign up to be able to enter. Please head over to the Alpha Signups and sign up now!
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We can keep this long or short...

The winner is @Kabby! Please PM me your Minecraft IGN and Discord name you want to receive noble on!