Mods to improve your Dyescape experience



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This looks cool, right? Ofcourse it does!
There are a few mods that will improve your experience with Dyescape.

OptiFine (with shaders)
It allows Minecraft to run faster and look better with full support for HD textures and many configuration options.

Mo Bends Mod
Boring movement... This mod improves every movement, swimming, walking, fighting, and the monsters itself! But not your cape...

Shoulder Surfing
A cool 3rd person view? There you go! Adjust your view with J and L while in 3rd person mode.
Note: Your crosshair will move with your camera, while all actions stay in the center of your character.

Exploding Mobs
Mobs usually die and leave behind a small particle animation, this mod improves the way mobs die, by exploding them.

Enhanced Visuals
Blood on your screen, splash potion effects, underwater effects, and more...
Note: This mod can be annoying when you are about to die.

Ambient Sounds
High-quality sound while adventuring, you hear the birds singing in the forest, the echo while you are in a cave, and more..

Dyescape is big, and it's really easy to get lost. A minimap will help! This way you can set waypoints, get a view of the map and some minimaps will show you nearby players and mobs.

Ninja's Mods
Shows the duration of potions and the status of your armor. You can also toggle your gamma, sprint, and sneak.
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The only thing we need now to improve our experience is a released server. And this would be useful on a wiki.

Also some mods to add:
Armor Status
Status Effect Hud