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Rejected Mythic+ system

Discussion in 'Suggestions and feedback' started by Grakazela, Jan 7, 2021.

  1. Grakazela


    I love doing dungeons so thought why not add a mythic+ type system that wow has to the dungeons here
    for those that dont know, scaling dmg/health of the dungeon tied to a keystone you use at the begging. complete the dungeon in the timer set out by the devs for that dungeon and the key upgrades 1 to 3 times to a higher difficulty. higher difficulty give better loot, or maybe some cosmetics/titles tied to higher levels
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  2. KabbyDankGod

    KabbyDankGod Content team Content team Wiki Team Baron

    It's hard to say if a Mythic+ system would work in Dyescape.

    For one, we don't really know how dungeons work in general besides maybe a few basic concepts.

    Two, there might not be a demand for Mythic+ content. This could be due to other forms of gameplay being far superior for gearing or just people not wanting to grind the same dungeons.

    Three, making mythic+ interesting could be a challenge. Yeah sure, you could add a random affix but from both my WoW and GW2 these haven't really seemed to add enough spice to dungeons.

    Four, I'm not sure if the items on the server allow for scaling rewards of the same items as how they are in WoW.

    These are just a few concerns, though there might be even more. I doubt there are any technical limitations with this, but rather mainly community and necessity limitations. Maybe there is just enough endgame content so there is no need for mythic+ or grinding the same dungeon without Mythic+ is viable.
  3. Aekalix

    Aekalix Frontend & Content Manager Manager

    Currently, there's no interest in adding something like a Mythic+ system to Dyescape. Thank you for your suggestion.

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