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Suggestion Ore Deposits

Discussion in 'Suggestions and feedback' started by Immortal, Jan 5, 2020.

  1. Immortal


    Deviating from my normally combat-related suggestions to an economy-related one

    Let's jump straight into it. This suggestion partly ties in with the guild territories suggestion from earlier. What if each region, like an area had its ore deposit? It wouldn't be a physical thing; it's not like you could dig down and reach it. Rather, it would be an invisible value present for each region. Some regions might have no deposits at all. However, high-ranking guild officials could commission for the building of a 'Mine' in a region they own and said mine could house several miners who would require a daily payment of the ingame currency but would also churn out ores of the deposit the mine was placed in. Perhaps the mine could be upgraded and higher levels could house more miners. It also might be a good idea to stick to the theme. For example, an ore called 'Firestone; might be found in a fiery region, and so on. It would provide guilds and/or its members a continuous (but not as much as if the players mined it themselves) stream of ores that they could smelt and use for their purposes. Additions welcome!
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  2. Zirker

    Zirker Content team Content team

    I like the idea.
  3. KabbyDankGod

    KabbyDankGod Content team Content team Wiki Team Baron

    Like you said this was mentioned in the territories post, and I have a few ideas for this.
    I'll keep on doing these in the new format that I personally really like. This post will be made assuming guild territories exist, though there are some ideas that don't require territories.

    Where do ore deposits appear?
    Everywhere - The entire game map (at least what could be claimed). Obviously there would be hot spots and areas with little to no ore.
    Specific locations set by the content team - A little less fair, but allows the content team to control the ores depending on how people claim territories.
    Random areas - These areas would be on a timer of let's say 1-2 weeks. Every 1-2 weeks the ores "reset" and the ore rates change. This is most likely the fairest and interesting way of doing ore deposits and it makes so guilds who are into mining don't stay in the same spot forever.

    How do you find out where ore deposits are located?
    Special tools - Tools that are one-time use only, and scan 1x1 2x2 3x3, etc. area depending on their quality.
    Miner profession ability - I think profession-specific abilities have been talked about a bit, so miners could be able to sense what ores are around. This would be on a fairly long cd.
    Asking people - You know, if a guild just did a scan on unclaimed territory but didn't take it, ask them what it was. If it's something you kinda want claim the area.
    A public board - I think it might add some liveliness to the world if there were roaming miners at each reset that searched for the ore deposits. They would be way slower than players, but they publicly display where is what ore.
    Online map - Just a map online or on the discord that shows where what ores are. Very boring but would make it easier on players.

    Now, How do you create a mine?
    Build one - The guild gathers together enough materials like stone, wood, etc. to create a mine entrance.
    Be a miner - I think it would be a cool concept that miners could create one-time use mines where they can mine a very small fraction of the ore themselves.
    You don't - You get one for free in your territory, but you could maybe spend resources to upgrade it.

    Who can mine?
    NPCs - NPCs mine for the guild.
    Guildies - Guildies who have enough mining skill get to mine.
    Miners - As I said above, miners could create temporary mines. You would have to pay a certain fee to the owner of the territory to mine though.

    What can you get from ore deposits?
    Ore - Ore that you have to refine to get materials from.
    Materials - Stone, Coal, etc.
    Rare items/events - Maybe you find a cave full of monsters and they rush out of the mine and attack your territory? Maybe you find buried treasure filled with rare items? Maybe you hit a huge vein of ore? Cool random events that require the guild to be on alert at all times. Though to not mess with anything, these would only appear if enough guild members are on.
    Anything else the content team wants - Pretty obvious what this means.

    How does a guild benefit from having a mine?
    Raw Materials - Raw materials are always needed in MMOs. These can be used to craft into more valuable items, sold as are or used for upgrades.
    Money - If the terrority owners are able to let other people mine in their area for a free they get money or a % of what they mine.
    Rare items - As I discussed above, you could find buried treasures or caves that have rare items.
    A goal to work for - Upgrading your mine is an objective for your guild that brings your guildies together to help gather materials and gold.
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  4. DatzZoo


    I like the idea of ore deposits in certain regions/places set by the content team. Areas of interest or lore have certain ore deposits of a certain level. Higher-level regions will have rarer ores in deposits (ex. cobalt, diamond, etc., just depends on the region too). If a guild controls the region, they make a small "tax" on all ores mined by players (in the form of currency, experience, influence that gives guild members a bonus - like attack/spell damage - in the region?) and raw materials can be acquired by mining such deposits. The higher level the deposit, the more the tax the "occupying" guild receives.

    Clarifying example:
    Emerald deposits can found deep in the mines of a higher-level mountainous zone... out of 100 levels, this could be a level 60-75 zone. Emerald deposits can be level 60-75 as well. Tax is on whatever the player receives from mining the ore. If they receive the raw material, the % of their tax goes to the occupying guild, if they receive experience, the % of their tax goes to the occupying guild and so on.
    Level 1-10 ores give 2% tax
    Level 11-20 ores give 4% tax
    Level 21-30 ores give 8% tax
    Level 31-40 ores give 10% tax
    Level 41-50 ores give 14% tax
    Level 51-60 ores give 18% tax
    Level 61-70 ores give 20% tax
    Level 71-80 ores give 24% tax
    Level 81-90 ores give 28% tax
    Level 91-100 ores give 30% tax

    Really awesome idea OP!
  5. Reasonin


    really awesome idea
  6. Sam

    Sam Baron

    I like the continuous idea of this. I think this should be considered in guild territories for all skills available, or at least most.
  7. Aekalix

    Aekalix Frontend & Content Manager Manager

    While I do like this idea. I think in its current shape and form it would not be viable. I have noted it down, but this will fall under the guilds idea. I'm not sure how that will plan out yet so I cannot give any information nor a decision regarding this idea.
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