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Discussion in 'News and announcements' started by MrDienns, Feb 10, 2018.

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    Hello everyone,

    Due to some drawbacks we experienced last week, we got behind schedule slightly and we cannot get preperations done in the 16th of February. We apologize for this, but like we said in our previous delay, quality is everything for us. We will not release our server if it simply isn't ready yet. Rest assured, this delay isn't as extreme as the last one. The current delay is a delay of 2 weeks, and our new deadline is scheduled on March 2nd.

    We are already working on expanding the team to speed up development. So far we have gotten several extra builders, a new content developer and another software developer. If you think you can be useful aspect to our team, don't hesitate to contact us.

    We apologize again for the delay, but it is necesarry for us. We will try to release a new gameplay trailer around the 16th of February instead.

    ~ Dyescape team
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  2. Astantos

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    Especially content people! We're always looking for fresh talent :)
    If you're interested, you can send an email to me directly at [email protected]

    You'll be asked to complete a little test to show off your skills.
  3. Eldrex


    By the time this server gets released, Wynncraft will actually have long term repeatable gameplay, and more quests and story than Dyescapes will ever manage to create.

    Tis unfortunate, but it's true.

    (not advertising, just very disappointed that its unlikely I'll every play on this server now)
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  4. Euvrounin


    Or we can stop comparing Dyescape in other existing servers out there.
    It is true that Dyescape will be delayed but people should also consider that this project is still in development. Delays and unfortunate events might happen anytime.

    Wynncraft and other servers have their own unique ways which made them exist for weeks,months,years; no need to compare Dyescape on any other server since it is just starting on its feet.
    Wynncraft might reign over Dyescape, same goes to Dyescape might reign over Wynncraft or whatever Server exists out there.

    The only thing that matters is that everyone continues to support the project in times of its downfall and success.

    I am no speaker nor part of Dyescape team but everyone should consider that making a server from scratch ain't an easy job, it takes months to years to release a bug/glitch/error free server or a halfway done server.

    This is truly a saddening event but we all should be patient.
    The March 2 announcement might not also be official. Dont get your hopes too high :] plus the Staff team is expanding lately.

    I hope you understand the situation.
  5. MrDienns

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    Dyescape is not even remotely comparable to WynnCraft in any way. The only things we have in common is that we are MC MMORPGs. Other than that, the execution and implementation of things is completely different and unique compared to them.

    This also seems somewhat of a weird statement because 1) you have no idea about what we have managed to create so far in terms of map size, plugins and content, and 2) you have no idea about our future plans. Discussions are fine but would appreciate it if things are kept legit. In fact, our terraformed map is 9000x6000 blocks so far (which will slowly be filled and released over time). Compare that to WynnCraft. They have existed for years and I dont see them ever making so much changes to compete with us.

    How can you judge an entire project based on a small delay in release? How many times has GTA V been delayed, or those South Park games? Putting up a delay means we are not happy with the quality yet and we are not giving it to the players.
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  6. Aekalix

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    That's a bold statement you made there.
  7. Aeternum

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