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Suggestion Profession talents / upgrades

Discussion in 'Suggestions and feedback' started by KabbyDankGod, Sep 25, 2020.

  1. KabbyDankGod

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    So this is not my idea, this comes directly from the man himself Aeky.

    So, profession talents would be a simple way to give you small bonuses to your professions. This made me instantly think of engineering in classic wow and how you can either become a goblin engineer or gnomish engineer. While it's not quite the same as this, I think these two "systems" could be woven together.

    First, what kind of talents would professions have?

    Aekalix had a simple example for fishing. At a certain level, you could pick between +1 fish per catch or 10% of getting a better fish.

    As you can see this would just be something that makes you better the better you get. Like not only do you get the chance to gather better materials but you get some extra bonuses.

    Now I did mention above gnomish and goblin engineering and I think something like this could be done on Dyescape too. This wouldn't be for all professions but a select few.

    For example, blacksmiths could focus on either weaponsmithing or armor smithing, giving them access to new recipes only available to their branch. This option would come at the second to last or last level of the profession.
    (TBH I can't come up with other professions to which this could work for, maybe jewelry for ring and neck specializations)

    Now, what kind of talents could there be?

    I think these should be split into two. One section for gathering and one section for crafting.


    - Level one could be +1 gathered material or 10% chance at higher quality material

    - Level two could be 10% reduced gathering time or 20% speed boost after gathering a material.


    - Level one could be 10% to consume 1 less material when crafting or 10% chance at higher quality item (either quality or level or combination of both)

    - Level two could be 50% chance at extra material when refining materials (turning iron bars into iron blades for example) or 20% chance at increased bonuses (let's say at base a weapon has 10% damage bonus it could get 15% damage bonus)

    Now, these could be either normalized like this or be profession-specific. There are some professions where these might not work great like enchanting.
    And I think some of these could be repeat things like being able to put multiple points to 10% at higher quality material for a max of 30% chance at higher quality items etc.

    To quickly mention how these levels would work, I think it would be best to have professions have a lot of levels, like 300 being the max level of crafting and you could put a talent point every 20-50 points or something, but this is something that can be discussed further in the comments.

    As always if you have suggestions I can add them to the main post so it's easier to find them!

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