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Suggestion Reincarnation and an Ethereal World

Discussion in 'Suggestions and feedback' started by Volancius, Dec 5, 2019.

  1. Volancius


    Greetings Dyescape, I was just walking back into my elven cottage when a rather interesting thought hit me.

    Wouldn't it be nice to have a feature where player could age and die? After the player is on the server for a long time, they can choose a different path of life.

    Such as being a supernatur being who guides other players in their journeys, this reincarnation allows flight and free exploration of the realm. It doesn't make you overpowered, but it shows you passed the tests of the mortal realm.

    Ethereal World
    I was thinking that we should have a special dimension only available to certain players that has the aesthetic and environment similar to that of the Aether. This could be decided upon at a later date if it were accepted as canon to server content.

    Only certain players would be allowed to enter this realm, there could be a feature where a spirit chooses a select few to go to the ethereal realm. They cannot enter back and forth from the mortal or ethereal world after they have crossed dimensions.

    After a while, it could be open to any player who has a special item achieved at endgame, but certain players can be sent to the realm early on in the game. The players that go early on will have a special territory assigned to them for lore purposes in the new world.

    - Volancius the First
  2. KabbyDankGod

    KabbyDankGod Content team Content team Wiki Team Baron

    I'll be honest with you, your idea about reincarnation doesn't really fit the point of an MMORPG. From what you described it sounds like people will just eventually die and become spirits that can do a lot of things normal people couldn't. This could create a lot of lore issues and a lot of map issues. If someone can fly, why don't they just fly to the end of a dungeon, etc.

    When I read the title, I thought you meant reincarnation as a similar thing to how it works in WoW. When you die you're released as a spirit and you can go back to your corpse and resurrect.

    I don't really see the point in the Ethereal world either. It seems weird to separate the player base like this. This would be cool for a zone in one of the expansions similar to the next wow expansion "Shadowlands" but I don't see this as a separate zone in the base game.
  3. KabbyDankGod

    KabbyDankGod Content team Content team Wiki Team Baron

    Also, I'm not sure if you are in our discord, but when you suggest a post on the forums, you should do the command: "!! suggest <Link to the post>" in the #suggestion-discussion chat or in #bot-commands
  4. Immortal


    Perhaps a small twist on the idea...

    Perhaps when the player dies in an environment in extreme magical flux, their spirit is released upon death temporarily and they can roam the nearby area for say, twenty seconds (but not interact with anything) and if they so desire they can fuse with their corpse again to revive with maybe 20% of their max health. If they do not fuse with their corpse within that time limit, they 'feel the vortex of death sucking them up again' and (die) respawn as normal.
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