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Accepted Respawn Suggestion

Discussion in 'Suggestions and feedback' started by TheAncientGames, Feb 20, 2021 at 8:34 AM.

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  1. TheAncientGames


    ⚠️This is taken from an anime but i find it kinda a nice touch to the respawning:⚠️

    My Idea
    My idea is that you have respawn points where you can go to if you died for example you need to find a respawn point so you can respawn at it like in the beginning there is gonne be an respawn point you need to discover for the "store/tutorial" to be compleet meaby it is in a village meaby just at a camp in a forest or other locations mostly i think villages are the best but you can meaby even skip a village so you have a village with respawn point then a village and then a village with a respawn point this makes respawning different and uniq

    when you die past the 5th town but there is no respawn point there you cant respawn at the 5th town you need to chose another location wich makes it difficult to keep comming back if you fighting a mini boss just outside a town or something like that. But if you die you dont respawn at the nearest respawn point you can chose where you respawn but if you die there should be some kind of punishment other wise people are gonne die to come back to the starter spot or something like that and that would break the game
  2. MrDienns

    MrDienns Lead Developer & Technology Manager Manager Developer

    As already mentioned on Discord before the suggestion was posted; we already have mechanics surrounding deaths & respawns. I won't speak for what the content team plans to do with the technically supported mechanics, but it is already possible for us to change your respawn point depending on where you are. If you last visited city X, and you die somewhere, you'll respawn in city X. Furthermore, a quest may have a unique respawn point, which could be the case when failing a quest is a possibility, or when dying under certain conditions is a hidden objective somewhere.

    The only thing we do not have currently is the ability to choose where you respawn, but I personally don't see the advantage of this mechanic. I also think people would abuse it and use it as a "free" teleport to another city.

    So I think our current implemented / planned setup will suffice.
  3. Aekalix

    Aekalix Frontend & Content Manager Manager

    Currently, you will as mentioned by @MrDienns respawn to the nearest city/town you have been with. Look at it like being found by someone and bringing you back. This could of course be changed but I'd say that not every town would be fit to be a respawn point. Thus your idea would already automatically be implemented. For now, I'll move this over to accepted as the current idea is highly similar.
  4. longbow122

    longbow122 Content team Content team

    Maybe we could make it so that every town which has a "medical centre" could be eligible to be a respawn point? That would make more sense to me, as a person living nearby could bring them there to be revived, and, we could have said person either forget to bring Player's stuff with them, or have them steal Player's items.

    Any town or city with a medical centre would also certainly be decently big, so it would certainly be eligible for a respawn point in that sense.

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