The History of Pakium

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    The History of Pakium

    Pakium was a cozy town in Phala. Newcomers were always welcomed and town life was simple, sometimes even easy. Nestled within the countryside and sat upon a cliff, Pakium was a working town. Every man and woman took immense pride in their work. Many men worked at the nearby woodcutting region, struggling to make a living. They worked hard in order to maintain their way of life, day in and day out.

    Consisting of a mere forty residents during the Summer months, the town seemed to be at a constant shortage for workers. Although small, Pakium was not without its quirks. The market during summer time was unrivaled, even by Clemens itself. Merchants from the countryside would come to sell their wares. Everybody stopped by to take a look at what this year’s vendors were offering, from normal crops to more specialized goods. They always had the best prices, year after year. During this time, the town was incredibly crowded due to its size. It was mildly uncomfortable, but worth it for the trades that could be bartered in the market itself.

    There was a rough shape offset from the rest of the town. The market was set up in this rough area. The floor was mottled, muddy and wet. However, that deterred nobody; they were used to it. The trees that surrounded Pakium provided shade for the square, the altar of Pakium server as the centerpiece. This market was praised throughout Phala, attracting some of the most diverse crowds and attractions the island had ever seen.

    Alongside the market, there were one or two celebrations each year. These were planned months in advance, and were some of the best shows on the Island. They attracted performers from around the island as well as men, women, and children who wanted to enjoy the show. Colorful decorations layered the town as floats filled the streets, pulled by carts of the most stunning horses. The entire ordeal lasted for a month, with brief intermissions between events. Clemens’ pubs and hotels alike profited greatly from these events, bursting at the seams each night the celebrations went on.

    As the town settled down, the nightly patrol would start. The town patrol consisted of five members, all of them quite young besides the commander. These guards patrolled mostly at night, with only one man on day patrol at a time. Pakium, although quite a peaceful town, was not without its dangers. There were many thieves, especially during the festival months. That was about the extent of the crime as there hadn’t been a murder in years. Alongside this, however, feral humans lived in the mountains to the North. A river separated the town and the mountain range, but they were constantly on guard due to the feral humans.

    Two young men patrolled the town during the busy month’s nights, while the other three guards were doing perimeter patrols. This was not out of the ordinary whatsoever beside the extra guard on the perimeter. Tensions were exceptionally high that fateful night, as they had two incidents earlier. One being a fight that broke out in a local pub, and another in which a man attempted to rob a resident of the town. Nobody expected anything to happen that night. It was peaceful, there hadn’t been a bad incident in years. The humans in the mountain range had never bothered the town before, they’d never even touched a rock on Pakium’s territory. Until one night...
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    Astounding entry to such an important town! :eek:
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    Great background to Pakium; a peaceful village town to be plagued by thieves and tormented by evil!
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