v0.1.0 - Initial alpha release


Lead Developer & Technology Manager
Alpha Patch Note v0.1.0

General Features
  1. Questing System.
    1. Playing through and completing a quest.
    2. Playing through and failing a quest.
    3. Playing through and failing a certain task in a quest.
  2. Creature System.
    1. (Mini-)Bosses with custom attacks.
    2. Normal and creatures of rarities.
  3. Treasure Chest System.
    1. Phased treasure chest.
    2. Random treasure chest.
    3. Respawning treasure chest.
  4. NPC System.
    1. Personal NPCs.
    2. Personal Companions.
  5. Skill System.
    1. 10 Knight Skills, 3 upgrades each.
    2. 10 Mage Skills, 3 upgrades each.
    3. 10 Priest Skills, 3 upgrades each.
    4. 10 Warrior Skills, 3 upgrades each.
  6. Character System.
    1. Ability to create a character.
    2. Ability to delete a character.
  7. Travelling System.
    1. Discover regions.
    2. Region-specific music.
  8. Interactive Chat System.
    1. Ability to pick a reply out of multiple listed.
    2. The ability for the content team to force conversations.
    3. The ability for the content team to put (automatic) messages behind a timer.
  9. Cinematic System.
  10. Phasing System.
    1. The ability to fully isolate someone from the world.
    2. The ability to phase blocks.
  11. Shop System.
    1. Harbour Shops.
    2. Clemens' Square Shops.
    3. General Store Shops.
    4. General Shops.
  12. Class System.
    1. Knight Class.
    2. Mage Class.
    3. Priest Class.
    4. Warrior Class.
  13. Item System.
    1. Custom Modeled Weapons.
    2. Armour Sets.
Main Quest Line Quests
  1. Where Adventures Begin Ch. 1
  2. Where Adventures Begin Ch. 2
  3. Where Adventures Begin Ch. 3
  4. Where Adventures Begin Ch. 4
  5. Where Adventures Begin Ch. 5
  1. Trash Talk
  2. Passenger Hunt
  3. Serving Emergency
  4. Disturbed Serving
  5. Egg Hunt
  6. Hungry Jacks
Tasks (Mini-Quests)
  1. Smell The Roses
  2. Henry's Glasses
  3. Horse Preference
  4. Explore Clemens
  5. Rats Rats Rats
Known issues
  1. The lower cinematic aspect ratio bar not always showing up.
  2. Region entering messages showing up during cinematic.
  3. Treasure chests that sometimes appear to be invisible.
  4. The death menu is not being properly synchronized with the black fade.
  5. The silence effect not working as intended.
  6. Priest Sceptres do not have their ranged attack yet.
  7. Footsteps do not show up yet.
  8. Do not log out if you have blindness.
  9. Players might not always show up if they exit a phase (logging back out and in fixes it.)
  10. If an NPC has a shop attached to it, being in a conversation and right-clicking will both advance the dialogue and open the shop. It should not open the shop. Just click to the left or right of them.