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    Alpha Patch Note v0.1.5

    Development Updates
    1. Fixed an issue where some mobs, such as horses, could still damage you during the death animation.
    2. Fixed an issue where some skills, such as Triple Strike or Air Slash, wouldn't be able to land all hits on the same target.
    3. Fixed an issue where the Aegis damaging barrier moved together with the player.
    4. Fixed an issue where quest items could be sold in shops unexpectedly.
    5. Fixed an issue where the poison effect wasn't always accurate synchronized with the health bar green effect.
    6. Fixed an issue where creatures from one phase could damage players from another phase.
    7. Fixed an issue where Holy Burst wasn't dealing any damage.
    8. Fixed an issue where fireworks explosions weren't being phased.
    Content Updates
    General content updates:

    1. None.
    Balancing updates
    1. None
    Texturepack updates
    1. None
    Map updates
    1. None.
    Known issues
    1. The lower cinematic aspect ratio bar not always showing up.
    2. Region entering messages showing up during cinematic.
    3. Treasure chests that sometimes appear to be invisible.
    4. The death menu is not being properly synchronized with the black fade.
    5. The silence effect not working as intended.
    6. You are not notified of the bleed and poison effect being applied to you.
    7. Footsteps do not show up yet.
    8. Logging out during a cinematic is not properly handled yet.
    9. You can sell your equipment in the shop if you do not watch out.
    10. ...and a bunch more. Please refer to the bug report forum section to find out more.

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