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Vampire's Suggestions

Discussion in 'Suggestions and feedback' started by Undvik, Jun 11, 2018.

  1. Undvik

    Undvik Noble

    Dyescape suggestions

    First of all, hello, I'm TheBloodyVampire/Undvik if you don’t know me. I'm very passionate about dyescape and wanted to support it today by suggesting a couple- well maybe a bit more- suggestions/improvements whatever you wanna call it.

    As there's a lot of those, I divided them into a couple of categories and u can navigate through them with the useful spoiler tag.
    Most of these ideas I've thought of myself but not all, and for some I even have a working code for back from when I tinkered around with RPG server features.

    So hereby I present to you- my suggestions? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    This is pretty long im warning u.

    I would also love it that u comment ur questions/improvements after u read the post down below.

    Use AI in mobs- this is just some crazy idea I thought of, when I saw an anticheat using machine learning to learn client's movements and it could actually learn and differentiate between them. Basically the idea is having a boss that can get smarter overtime and maybe even know how to react depending on different classes that fight him , dodging spells, attacking them with their weaknesses etc. I do not know if it's actually possible but I'm going to look into that subject anyway during the summer hopefully so I'll to see if there's something to do in that field. Ofc dennis and his team, being a lot better developers than I am, I would be happy for them to comment their opinion as well.
    Flying mobs- with 1.13 one of several new mobs is introduced- the phantom. What's so special about it u ask? Well, it's a flying mob , unlike a bat that just flies randomly like a maniac, the phantom has code behind which may allow making RPG that can fly, something that hasn't done before. I'm not sure yet if it's possible, 1.13 isn't officially released yet, but that would be an awesome mob to fight if it is possible.
    Badge- I'll be honest, this isn't my original idea, I've seen it in a RPG server I really enjoyed to play, that was closed down unfortunately but oh well we can still use this.

    Basically , when you send a message in chat, alongside your IGN and rank and whatever else Dennis feels like including, There will be one character per badge resembling something. As you can see with the example below, for example a star, would resemble an achievements maniac, and as you hover over it, you can read the badge's description. I actually have a working code for that.

    Custom pics effect- as part of rank's features, most servers have effects that you select and they look pretty cool, swirling around your body etc.

    What I'm suggesting (which also was in the server that closed down) is custom effects. What do I mean by that? You can see the pics below, basically it reads a png pic and then translates it into particles in mc, ofc u can't use too large pics as then everything will be very laggy and u can also control the density of the effect, u can see the difference below.

    This would allow the team to add everything they really like, while most regular effects take a lot of math to make , this would allow for very funny/ memery effects to exist. Code for this is also in my possession.

    Thonking- [​IMG] 121 FPS

    Pepe- [​IMG] 67 FPS

    Smiley- [​IMG] 247 FPS

    Low res Dyes- [​IMG]

    High res Dyes- [​IMG] 39 fps
    Wear banners on ur head (professions or ranks shit)- this is totally my original idea, from 1.9 and forward, players are able to place items on their heads and display them. One of which is banners. This can be given e.g. when getting level 100 in professions or from special events or whatever. The change is only cosmetic however , the player still gets the effect of the helmet, and when he wishes to, the banner disappears and the helmet is back on his head.

    Weapon skins- You can apply different textures for the same item with different durabillities which allows for weapon skins! With 3D textures this can make the weapons look pretty awesome :D

    Step 1: make skins for weapons purchasable

    Step 2: ???

    Step 3: profit

    Example of a 3d model used

    Ranks perks- the server needs to make some money, so of course ranks will have more crates to open (please have crates) , and they could send special emojis when typing(<3=heart,:)=smiley), e.g. if I send "Hi :)" the message sent will be "Hi <smiley emoji>" , I'm well aware that Hypixel has this since their MVP++ rank, but I actually thought of that of my own before they did so shush.

    Quality of life changes

    These are more little/quick suggestions that shouldn't take too much time to implement/code even before the so waited alpha release.
    LOTS of options- a menu that allows you a lot of control over settings- censoring chat, having the option to get exp and damage ,heal messages.

    Name above items- this is really simple, when you throw an item on the ground, it's name will be shown above it. Simple and useful. (this can be also controlled by the options in case you don't want it).

    I had a vid for this but it got corrupted, even tho you can imagine this quite easily.
    Light up Mobs required to kill in a quest- sometimes quests require you to kill certain mobs, so using the new "glowing" effect from 1.9, mobs can highlighted so it's easier for players to find them. Maybe this should depend on the quest- if it's tutorial or beginner quests I see this as very useful for the player to get familiuar with the mobs, but on higher lvl quests this can make the quest very easy if part of it is also fidning the mob and not also killing it.

    Music for different Regions- this is more for the "environment" of the player-more spooky areas will have spooky music and when you go to a different region the music changes, in the forest it will be different than the city for example. This will add to the setting? Im missing the exact word but you know what I mean.

    I know that custom songs have been created and I'm hyped for more. :)
    Messages that players say appear above their heads- again, just a handy feature, when a player sends something in chat, the text he sent will appear above his for a couple of seconds, so people around him can see what he clearly says, without searching for it in the busy chat .
    Mentions- just a neat little feature- you can mention someone in chat like in discord, also @everyone exists but that will be limited to staff onle of course. If you ignore someone he can't mention you either.


    Player to Player Interaction
    Shops- players can open their shops and place a chest/something that symbolizes it as a shop on the ground. People can buy the stuff they sell with the current price. Im sure this is already planned sometime along the future but you gotta mention it.
    Bounties on players- you can place bounties with your money on players for an additional fee, and if they are killed, the killer will get the bounty from your money. Bounties when placed and completed will be announced in global chat.
    Weapons & Items
    Crafting- this could be connected to the profession system, but it doesn't really matter. Basically there are blueprints for items (which you can obtain through quests, random drops, NPCs, events) , that once used they disappear and you unlock a recipe for that item.

    Then you have to go the blacksmith/crafting NPC and it will show you the list of all of your unclocked items. Items that exist but you didn't find the blueprint for, will not be shown. In the menu, you'll see all the different " ingredients" required to craft that item ,if you have them, they will be consumed and you will get the item.

    I have a video for this, but it's too long, I'll update the thread when I have the time to make a quicker one.
    Item sets- Items from the same set, e.g. "Demonic Set" will have bonuses the more items from that specific set you're wearing- if you only have pants and boots, you'll get +5% dmg, but if you have the whole set- helmet ,chestplate ,leggings ,boots ,necklace ,ring etc. the bonus will be +15% dmg.

    Maybe if it's a rare set/event set you could even have a special effect alongside it when wearing the full set.
    Sockets- Weapons can have a number of empty sockets on them. In each socket you can fill with a gem that will give a bonus effect to the weapon- and you cannot remove it afterwards (maybe if you come to a special NPC and pay a bunch of money but it's not easy anyhow). Aside from gems, you can add runes to the sockets and certain combinations of runes will create "words"- that will give buffs with only that combination of runes. The community would need to find out words by its own, and it could make an interesting market with weapons that have an unseen before word.

    Not sure if after you complete the words, the combination of the runes will still be displayed on the item or not, I'm open to suggestions.
    General Stuff?
    These are suggestiong with no specific category.
    Achievements- not really a lot to explain here, achievements track your mobs killed, level reached, profession level ,time played etc. and when you complete them you get rewards.

    Special event achievements would be nice, or limited time only, that once gone only the players that did it have a special reward showing it, pet, badge, banner etc.
    Mounts- again, there's not much to explain, different mobs that you can ride with different speeds.
    Phew. That took me a lot of time to write and make. I'm open to improvements/questions so please express your opnion down below, I hope you enjoyed reading these suggestions. :)
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  2. MrDienns

    MrDienns Lead Developer & Technology Manager Manager Developer

    That's indeed quite a massive list of suggestions, but it's a good list. I'm happy to say that some of these suggestions are already implemented while others are already on our to-do list.

    I'll try to go over all of them while keeping the post small.
    Suggestions from this thread that are already implemented:
    • Name above items on the ground
    • Music for regions
    • Flying mob (we can use any mob if we want, we don't have to add special support)
    • Weapon skins (there's not super many yet, we may get more in the near future if needed)
    Things that were already on the to-do list:
    • Badges
    • Ranks perks (the chat symbols)
    • Options
    • Achievements
    • Mounts
    • Shops
    • Crafting (part of professions)
    Some of the other suggestions are actually quite interesting. For example the lit up mobs when they are involved in a quest. Right now we try to do our best in indicating quest objectives as best as we can, but we never really found something to do the same for mobs that you have to kill. Lighting them up in a specific color may be a great way to show this. I personally like this as it would be quite userfriendly. Our map is enormous, having proper "navigation" such as this is important.

    For others I'd need a really good use case, such as the particle effects. I'm kind of afraid this would be quite laggy for the average player. Instead, I'd be more up for the banner idea if you want to for example show off your guild.

    Bounties is something I'm a little skeptical about myself. Dyescape is not and will not be a PVP focussed server. The server is suppose to provide you with an endless world to adventure in. Setting bounties on people only stimulates PVP and would overall not be a very positive impact on the friendly community we're trying to create. Of course PVP will be part of the game, but I personally would not want to stimulate it.

    The idea of giving mobs a machine learning AI is quite interesting. If we do implement this, we have to make sure that bosses don't become so powerful they'd become way too strong to kill. Also, does this AI apply to the entire server or just that dungeon run? Say, the boss learns how you attack during that dungeon run or would it learn how everyone in the server attacks and share the knowledge across all dungeon runs? None the less this is not something anyone in our team has experience with, though I'd love to get into machine learning at some point, so if this is something people want, we should be able to provide this.

    As for the chat plugin; we have a very interactive chat on schedule. This will allow you to create in different channels and actually properly interact between them. Swapping between channels (or enabling several at the same time) would actuall update your chat history and send you messages that you would have received if you enabled the channels from the beginning.

    Most of the other suggestions seem quite nice and definitely possible if we wanted to implement those.

    None the less, thank you for the suggestions. Suggestions like these are ones we could use and could greatly improve the overall gameplay.
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  3. Euvrounin

    Euvrounin Content team, Moderator Content team Moderator

    Followed by what Dennis said, it is indeed a good suggestion but what captured me is the 'Item Set'
    Having a complete set that can give bonuses seems quite interesting

    Thank you, keep the suggestions coming.
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  4. Undvik

    Undvik Noble

    thanks, :D. I'll do my best
  5. Bflojim05


    Woah, Vampire. You got the Zentrela code working?!
  6. Undvik

    Undvik Noble

    oh lol who's this xD, but yeah well, I took some of its code and implemneted it with the SQL and added more features into it. But yeah I got it to work:)
  7. Astantos


    Hi! I'm very late to this interesting party, but I'd just like to state for the record that we plan on having a very complex player crafting system with much room for variation! This especially goes for Smithing and Crafting, but will also extend to professions.
    Our goal for the professions will be twofold.
    Firstly, we'd like to design professions so that there is a lot of room for variation. What this means is that the highest level players wont all have "Amazing Sword of Amazing Attack + 100" :)
    Secondly, we'd like to ensure that our professions are simple. So despite our variations, players should clearly understand how it all works, and the math involved behind the scenes are just . . . shoved underneath a large Dienns designed hood.
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  8. Undvik

    Undvik Noble

    Well, I'm happy to hear the plans for professions, and I'll wait for alpha, so excited alreadyy
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