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Discussion in 'News and announcements' started by Aekalix, May 1, 2020.

  1. Aekalix

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    Hello soon-to-be Eturians!

    If you're looking for the alpha applications (takes 2 min) click here!

    We are progressing. What do we mean by this? Well, for the first time in three years (yes three, we can't believe it either) things are getting finalized. What does this mean? We are implementing. Quests are being added, missing features are created, and bugs are being patched. Check out a lovely example below!


    But this is all cool and all but how about a release date?
    This is a touchy subject but no, we will not be giving out a release date till we are 100% certain we will make it. What does this mean? Once we set one, it's happening. No delays or unfortunate things. It will happen. And we hope you will be there to experience the end of this ride with us. The start of a new beginning. Your adventure awaits.

    See you soon.
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  2. BrettPlayMC

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  3. Thijminecraft02


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  4. Praya


    waiting for dyescape open public.
    good luck diens, aekalix and team for the server
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  5. KabbyDankGod

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    Can't wait till this is me
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  6. ZexxiPlays


    I mean, i'm here for a few days and wow, cant wait to play!
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  7. Rae


    I really REALLY want to play on the server :| can't wait
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  8. Euvrounin

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    Join us on discord while waiting and have fun and meet other players.

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