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People who are active in our Discord server have already heard the news a few days ago, but we have not posted it here on our website yet. As you might have seen: the alpha has not launched yet. This is simply because we are still behind on schedule in terms of content. Backend (plugins) is roughly on schedule while frontend (buildings & terrain) are even ahead of schedule. The pre alpha has been delayed several times now and it won't be the last one. We apologize for this, but it's reality, and we can't make it any better. We are trying our hardest to get the pre alpha open as soon as possible, but we cannot launch an incomplete game. Our apologies for this.

Note that applications for the content team are still open. Please send some of your work to [email protected] as we are always looking to expand the team with high quality people.

When is the new deadline for the alpha? For the sake of letting this project run smoothly; there isn't one for a while. The problem of Dyescape development at the moment is that some parts of the server (mainly content) are still extremely hard to schedule. This causes us to keep setting deadlines that we hope to reach, but realistically speaking simply can't. This is what causes the delays. Delays are not caused by issues during development, or development simply stopping for days. In fact, development is not slowing down and it's only speeding up more and more. We are working faster and more efficient every day, just scheduling is our problem at the moment.

No the alpha will not open any soon, but at least the good news is that development is not struck by it. It's just because of the fact that we have an extremely hard time scheduling some parts of the server. Hence from now on the alpha is delayed until further notice. We will not set any deadline anytime soon so the team can simply work on quality results without having to stress about unrealistic deadlines. We encourage everyone interested in the project to join our Discord server as we are very active on it. We post small development updates almost daily about what we have done, what we are focusing on and what we have achieved.

These delays also have some good news though. The alpha is delayed due to content, this however does not mean the other parts of the server are not on schedule. Due to the frontend (buildings & terrain) being ahead of schedule, we can actually release new parts of the map faster after we launch alpha. The backend (plugin) team now also has more time to start developing plugins that were originally out of scope for initial launch, such as dungeons & bossrooms.

These news messages don't show Dyescape's true bright side, nor do they show what we are capable of. Please do not judge our project based on the information you see on this website. Join our Discord server, interact with the community, see our development log channel and talk to the actual team behind it.
As some of you might have already seen in our Discord server, we ran into a few critical issues in terms of plugins and configuration last weekend, causing somewhat delay again on development. On top of this, we are not yet happy with the amount of content we have. We deeply apologize, but we will have to delay the pre-alpha launch by another 2 weeks, putting the new deadline at March 16th.

We do not like the delays either; in fact, we hate delaying it, but we want to live up to the expectations of people and assure a certain level of quality that each and everyone of you deserves. Dyescape is becoming the worlds largest MC MMORPG ever created from the looks of it (in terms of map size, amount of planned content and plugin complexity), and we've only been in development for a good year. Compared to other, similar servers, that is blazingly fast and I am proud to have a dedicated team working hard on this project every day. In our Discord server, we have a highly active #devlog channel where we (several times a day) post updates about what work has been done. We highly suggest anyone interested in the project to hop on the server and communicate with us through Discord as well.

Please do not see the delays as a bad thing. Delays happen because we are either not happy with the quality, or the fact that we ran into severe issues, critical bugs or game mechanic exploits. We are working hard in getting these fixed as soon as possible, but there is no point in going live with issues like this, hence why we are delaying things. Patience is key, rushing everything and hacking things together will not help anyone. Please understand that we are merely doing this to live up to our quality standards.

Thank you
Hello everyone,

Due to some drawbacks we experienced last week, we got behind schedule slightly and we cannot get preperations done in the 16th of February. We apologize for this, but like we said in our previous delay, quality is everything for us. We will not release our server if it simply isn't ready yet. Rest assured, this delay isn't as extreme as the last one. The current delay is a delay of 2 weeks, and our new deadline is scheduled on March 2nd.

We are already working on expanding the team to speed up development. So far we have gotten several extra builders, a new content developer and another software developer. If you think you can be useful aspect to our team, don't hesitate to contact us.

We apologize again for the delay, but it is necesarry for us. We will try to release a new gameplay trailer around the 16th of February instead.

~ Dyescape team
Hello everyone,

Just a friendly reminder that we are opening our pre-alpha on the 16th of February, 2018. The exact time is yet to be announced. Also a reminder that the pre-alpha is closed access only to those who have signed up and have been approved. Please create your own pre-alpha access request here.

What is it for:
We would also like to mention what the pre-alpha is, what it is for and what to expect from it. Dyescape is an enormous project, and development has lasted almost 2 years for some of us. This pre-alpha is to prepare for further development and continuation of the project. In the pre-alpha we want to show off some of our early must-have features and we need to test those for bugs and stability. It is also a time where we would request feedback from the community so we can actively adapt to it early on.

This also means that you sign up for the alpha with the intention of helping us out improving the project. If we come to the conclusion that the exact opposite is happening, for example you're abusing bugs, cheating or simply abuse the system and create a bad experience for other players, we will remove your alpha access on the spot and chances of you being part of future early access test phases will be close to zero.

What to expect:
Dyescape is long from done with development, you should not expect to see a fully released server with months of content like other real MMORPG's. The pre-alpha which opens soon is a minimum viable product as we call it. Play area will be limited to roughly a 1500x1500 area (instead of the 9000x6000 developed alpha/beta area). You should expect some basic gameplay mechanics such as the skill system, basic custom items, custom monsters, semi-bosses (no real boss rooms yet), semi dungeons (like caves), a couple dozen simple quests and a big to-do list. The idea is that we release something new on a standard interval, such as 2 or 4 weeks. Every 2 or 4 weeks you would see some new items, quests, monsters, skills and a new play area.

What can I do to help:
Dyescape is the largest MMORPG server ever made by a relatively small team of developers. We could use any help offered to us. This can be either of the following things: Front-end (building / map making), content (quests, items, monsters, gameplay elements, etc) and back-end (software development). If you are interested in becoming part of the team, please contact the respective people below. Note that software development requires you to sign some legal documents & show proof of identification and be at least 18 years old.
If you are not interested (or simply cannot) help us by providing any services, you can always help out by just participating in the pre-alpha and give us your critical feedback. If you like or dislike a feature, let us know. If you find any bugs, report them. If you have any suggestions, share them with the community so they can be added.

~ Dyescape
It's that time of the year again: Christmas. Everyone from the team here wishes all of you a wonderful Christmas! Hopefully Santa has brought you everything you wished for.

As for a quick development update:
We are putting things together in terms of plugins, maps, buildings and content and we are taking great shape. We will be releasing a new trailer in the upcoming few weeks.

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