Dyescape - The better MMORPG Minecraft server

The worlds largest upcoming Minecraft MMORPG server. Fully custom built from scratch and no mods required.

Starting out as a simple survival network, Dyescape is now becoming a major upcoming MMORPG, fantasy & medieval themed Minecraft server. We will be featuring unique classes, custom items, quests, guilds, custom monsters, a great storyline and a massive, beautifull open world to explore. All Dyescape specific plugins are made by ourselves, meaning we can easily add features as the community wishes. We strive to bring the classic MMO feeling to Minecraft, meaning things as combat will be based off actual MMO games. We will start our hosting compaign in Europe. If we reach the playerbase and funding, we will expand to America.



As you can see, we have a new website. The reason we got this new website is because we desired more overall control over it. With our previous Enjin website, we couldn't manage users, we couldn't manage hosting, we could not add custom features, theming was way too complex, and so on. No more! This new website resolves all of those issues and it's already way faster and nicer than the one we used to have. Keep in mind though, there are a few bugs here and there. If you find any, please report them here. Everyone who had an account on our previous website will have to register a new one here. We cannot in any way transfer accounts.

Development has been going on for way too long and we really want to open our doors again. There's still alot of work left to do before we can call it a finished product, but we simply can't stay in the shadows forever. Development is extremely expensive, so one of the reasons we're doing an alpha soon is that we simply need funding as we cannot keep developing like this forever. We hope that everyone can respect this. Our new webshop should be up and running by the time we go public. We will be holding a sale to celebrate the alpha.

Dyescape is very interested in any reviews and feedback from our players. We're putting alot of time and money into this project and we want to make sure it's worth it. If you don't like something or simply feel like something can be improved, please do not hesitate to leave a review or suggest something here! We will taking feedback very seriously.
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